A Fast, Friendly, and Reliable IT Service Provider

Transtec has been in the business for more than two decades. We helped and enabled SMEs to receive all the benefits of effective information technology. Due to our long period of service and experience, we developed the best way to serve our clients – with effective solutions and excellent customer care. Anywhere and anytime, we can provide you with any IT support you need.

The Best IT Advice and Support You Can Get

Our forte lies in assisting businesses with any IT-related service they need. We offer our support and advice regarding all aspects of their IT system. These include but are not limited to detailed planning, custom network designs and systems, and hardware or software services.

Focus on The Growth of Your Business

With Transtec, you don’t have to worry about your IT system installation and management. Simply give us a head start by stating your requirements and decisions, and we’ll handle the rest. With our services, you can concentrate more on looking after your business with the help of our team. We’ll give you that total business confidence and stress-free service.

Right from The Start, We’ll Make Sure Your System Will Run Seamlessly

Our team of experts will handle every aspect of your IT system installation, starting from the planning to the execution. We’ll make sure your system will cater to all your business needs within the range of your budget. Transtec will ensure maximum and optimal efficiency right from the start.

We will Provide Emergency Support for All IT-Related Issues Anytime

Regardless of a system management contract, we will gladly lend you a helping hand. Our help desks online or through telephone are readily available 24/7. With our expert technicians manning these help desks, we can give assistance to your IT-related issues.