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CALLEO Silent Server

Silent ServerReliable and discreet
The Silent Server is ideal for use in offices - it allows productive, smooth working with Workgroup applications, is straightforward to use, and provides needs-oriented functions for offices and small businesses. And it is so quiet that staff can continue to work without disturbance while the server is in operation.

CALLEO Infrastructure Server

Infrastructure ServerEconomical and unassuming
The Infrastructure Server is a dedicated server optimised for subordinate IT infrastructure services. It combines a high level of reliability with low cost because it has dispensed with non-essential functions and components. Moreover, despite its high performance, it takes up little space and its power consumption is low.

CALLEO Application Server

Application ServerFlexible and innovative
The CALLEO Application Server is optimised for general enterprise applications, and also meets very high demands. Its ingenious and innovative system design provides optimum database capacity and performance. Moreover, it also offers a high degree of configuration and expansion flexibility.

CALLEO Datacenter Server

Datacenter ServerHigh performance and superior
The CALLEO Datacenter Server is a high-performance server, optimised for use in computer centres. It can cope with high computing workloads and provides high-density computer capacity with maximum performance and productivity, while reducing the cost per workload. And it is economical in its use of expensive computer centre resources such as power, space and personnel.