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Intel® Cluster Ready

Cluster Setup Made Easy

Have you ever asked yourself whether your preferred application is running on an HPC cluster? If yes, how can you be sure that it is really working on your HPC cluster without any unpleasant surprises? If you really want to be sure, you can hardly do without Intel® Cluster Ready. Because the Intel® Cluster Ready program simplifi es the purchase, use and management of an HPC cluster because it is developed with hardware and software manufacturers and thus ensures that the individual components work together without problems

Why Intel® Cluster Ready?

  • You want to buy an HPC cluster and rely on the fact that your application that you are using today will continue to work on the HPC cluster in future.
  • Certified software manufacturers ensure that their applications work on your HPC cluster hardware and its configuration.
  • We give you the certainty that your Intel® Cluster Ready certified application will run with our Intel® Cluster Ready HPC clusters.

You will receive a comprehensive cluster analysis tool with the Intel® Cluster Checker. This means that problems can be quickly localised and remedied. To guarantee all of this, software and HPC cluster manufacturers use the Intel® Cluster Checker to test every new cluster for its compatibility. The Intel® Cluster Checker examines both the cluster nodes as well as the master nodes for interoperability and optimum performance. In this process, fi rmware, kernel, storage and network are tested and the network throughput is identifi ed with the help of Intel® MPI Benchmarks, STREAM, the HPC Challenge Benchmark (HPCC) and other benchmarks. An HPC cluster tested in this way is only certified as Intel® Cluster Ready when the Intel® Cluster Checker confirms that the cluster is working as you expect and that this is the case “out of the box”.

In terms of HPC clusters, transtec relies on Moab Cluster Suite from Cluster Resources. The Moab Cluster Suite is one of the most efficient cluster management solutions and ensures that transtec HPC clusters are 100% Intel® Cluster Ready.

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