Growing your audience is the most essential thing you can do as a marketer. As mentioned by localiseruntelephone, While social media is a lot helpful in gaining an audience, having your customers’ phone number means you have gained a loyal fan.

However, just in case you research how you can buy phone numbers for marketing, you must know that this act is illegal.

Many years ago, most companies sell their numbers to gain profit. Nowadays, however, laws forbid buying phone numbers, including international phone numbers, for profit.

Hence, we provide you 4 ways to collect phone numbers without breaking the law.

  1. Utilize your company website

You can use your website to gather a lot of information about your followers. Many companies let their customers sign up to their website and ask for phone numbers on it, including international phone numbers.

Moreover, some companies give freebies and promo for anyone who gives their contact information. This tip is beneficial for both company and user as they are given freebies in exchange for their contact numbers.

Moreover, during a subscriber sign up procedure, you can also approve their subscription by requiring them to text your company phone number the keyword given on the website. Once they have texted you the keyword, that’s only the time you can approve their subscription.

  1. Organize an online contest

The online contest is a popular way of gaining an audience because you are making engagements with the online community.

When organizing an online contest, you can post something like this on your social media accounts: “please leave your phone number so you can win an iPhone,” or “we will let you know if once you win in this contact, please provide your phone number below.”

  1. You can ask your customer’s number through the email subscription

Emails are a great marketing technique, too. You can ask for a lot of information for your customers to fill up through the email newsletter.

For example, at the bottom of your email newsletter, you can link an online form in this phrase, “for a big discount, leave your phone number.”

  1. Text-to-enter promo

To host text-to-enter promotions, you can utilize again your website and other social media accounts. Encourage your subscribers to use their mobile phone to join in the promotion. An example would be: To join in this promotion, please text “Join” and send to “indicate your company phone number.”


Text messaging marketing is beneficial in generating sales, growing your business, and building a loyalty brand. Before you can avail these rewards, of course, you need to collect phone numbers.

SMS Marketing has proved to be the most successful tactic of a company. However, this also comes with a lot of challenges you will be facing. For instance, violating your customer’s privacy will result in a hefty fine.

Before you can make use of this tactic, make sure to follow certain law provisions to avoid being penalized for such a marketing strategy in the future.

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