Social media has evolved from a socializing platform to a business and advertising hub. Many companies are now using social media and Instagram free followers for marketing and other promotions and as such, several startups have grown into big businesses through social media.

Instagram is one such platform. It first began as a photo and video sharing app. With time businesses started using it to showcase their products.

Today, companies around the world have Instagram accounts where they showcase the products to the millions of Instagram users. Some choose to use influencers who have millions plus followers to gain an audience for their products.

However, companies that provide services instead of products might find it a little bit challenging to advertise their services on the platform. If you are one of these service providers, the following tips can help you use Instagram as a business strategy.

Tip 1: Determine if it is the right platform

First of all, you should research whether Instagram will serve your social media strategy well. Remember, there are several other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and each requires a different strategy.

Instagram is mostly used by young adults mostly between the ages of 18 to 29. If your services target this age group, then you can move to the next tip.

Tip 2: Set your Instagram goal

You must know what you want to achieve by using the Instagram strategy. Are you looking to sell your service only? Or are you looking to increase brand awareness? If you know your aim, it becomes much easier and effective to use the Instagram strategy.

Tip 3: Plan for the content

The next step is to create content that you will post. you can post creative posts or just simple posts describing your services. If you are not sure how there are plenty of content creators ready to help.

Tip 4: Use templates

Make use of templates instead of creating content from scratch every single day. You should look for a permanent template with which followers and clients will identify with.

Tip 5: Use the right hashtags

Hashtags on your posts should be relevant and accurate. Relevant meaning that they should either unique or trending and accurate meaning they should describe the post. accurate and relevant hashtags generate a lot of traffic.

Tip 6: Engage the followers

Do not just post and log out, take time to engage with your followers. Like or react on comments and reply to direct messages.

You can also choose to post posts that engage the followers such as questions, picture riddles, and others.

Tip 7: Find a posting tool

There several tools available that help you to post scheduled posts automatically. They charge a little fee but saves you time. Preppr is such a tool that posts Instagram posts automatically.

Tip 8: Post Instagram stories once in a while

Instagram stories are a series of pictures or videos that Instagram users post. The story lasts for 24 hours. Instagram stories break the routine and rejuvenate some excitement. You should use stories when you are launching a new service.

Tip 9: Involve your employees

Lastly, do not go into it all alone. Involve the whole team. This will attract more followers and more content ideas.


These are some of the tips that might help service providers to become successful with their Instagram strategy. However, remember that it might take time to bear fruits but in the long run, it can be a great strategy for your business.

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