Game developer, Lilith Games, created a new role-playing game called afk arena redemption codes. In this game, you will become a leader of a party of devoted warriors as you begin your grand quest. You will also need to undergo a lot of challenges, which will hone you into an experienced and strong battle master. In order to achieve that objective, here are 10 useful tips and tricks that you can use in the game:

  1. Prioritize Exploring to Unlock the Game’s other features and modes

You should start with the completion of levels. When you reach higher levels, additional modes will then be unlocked. Hit the grey buildings in locked modes so that you’ll know what stage requires to be passed to unlock them.

  1. Let the warriors defeat the opposition

Before the battle, activate the ‘Auto’ button so that your heroes will automatically use their special moves in the fight. At the end of the battle, you may upgrade your heroes with their attributes and equipment.

  1. Choose ‘Summon 10’ when recruiting new warriors or heroes

Instead of recruiting heroes one by one, adding ten warriors using the ‘Summon 10’ option is a better idea. Save up all the requirements before going to The Noble Tavern so you can recruit ten heroes.

  1. Take your Common Heroes at Rickety Cart

Heroes labeled as ‘Elite’ or ‘Rare’ are the best ones. As you started the game, you rely on the ‘Common’ heroes. You may upgrade them with the high-ranked heroes until you gather better ones. You may go to Rickety Cart to reset your ‘Common’ heroes, and the useful materials you retrieve from the process can be used for the higher-ranked warriors.

  1. Go to Temple of Ascension when you already obtained 3 copies of a hero

Summon 10 option could cause multiple hero copies. Having them allows you to raise a hero’s Ascension Level by sacrificing the copies to upgrade the certain hero copy that you wish to enhance.

  1. Choose relics that enhance your defense and health in Labyrinth Playthroughs

The Dark Forest is a battle mode based in the grid method, which resets its entire layout every 48 hours. In the labyrinth, you’ll obtain chests with relics that enhance your stats. Equip those relics that upgrade your entire party’s stats (energy, health, and defense).

  1. Try other modes in the Dark Forest and Ranhorn

Once you’ve unlocked these modes, try out the benefits of everything that you can access. Playing in a guild as you play the main battle modes is the best choice.

  1. Widen your social connection in-game

Be sure to fill your friends list swiftly so you can collect lots of ‘Companion Points’ for hero recruitment. Do this every day so you can regularly recruit heroes from the Library and The Noble Tavern.

  1. Complete your quests

You should collect the daily 100 Activity Points to collect daily chests. Monitor your daily, weekly, and campaign missions or quests so you could complete them. They come with rewards, so it is a benefit for you too.

  1. Fulfill ‘Event’ goals

Check available Event Quests every day because they rarely appear, and have better rewards. Before ending your AFK Arenagaming session, look for the golden chest in the main menu and hit it. Collect the rewards that you gathered while you were playing. Do not open it until you have spent a long time playing it for the day because better rewards come from longer game time.

You’re now prepared to become a great battle master in AFK Arena. Just follow these tips, and you will surely be one of the strong players of the game.

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