The woodworking industry is continually evolving, as the competition continues to grow stiff with each day that passes. Manufacturers all over the country are opting for better technology, for example check these floor finishes and decide which will improve production and efficiency.

Unknown to many, the typical cellphone is among the technological devices of immense help to woodworkers. With each new model comes better functionality and higher processing power. Smartphones, currently used, are almost 50 times more powerful compared to the first invention.

Modern smartphones have compact digital cameras, GPS navigation units, pocket video cameras, high resolution, and web browsing. These web browsers are in a position to display standard searches and even mobile-optimized sites.

Change is inevitable, though it faces resistance at first. Initially, many woodworkers were against using smartphones. But now, they can barely work without them. Smartphones come in handy in the workshop when doing chores such as woodworking calculations, viewing project designs, or even in locating a new place in town.

Smartphones have become a stepping stone to better creativity and productivity. Most of the woodworkers can admit to being addicted to their devices.

How technology impacts woodworking

After the introduction of smartphones seven years ago, we can attribute to them becoming more efficient with the next launch.  Smartphones, tablets, and laptops connect us to the world, and everything around us, which in turn changes our perspective about many things.

Here are the benefits these modern devices can be of help to woodworkers;

Better ideas- smart devices allow the downloading of applications. As a woodworker, you can buy or download web-based project software, or other management software to help you manage your projects.

These applications could also help you track your time, thus enhance productivity. These tools will increase your ability to meet deadlines and also enable you to share data. Besides, customers can also get the chance to see progress.

Making comparison- by using the camera, one can take a before and after picture of a project. Not only does it seem authentic, but it does promote one`s skills, creativity, and expertise. It will serve as a marketing strategy.

Verification- these devices make it easy to take a snap of a broken or missing piece and email or WhatsApp it to a shop. Thus, it makes it easy to seek consultation rather than having to carry the entire item.

Better interaction- through smartphones, we can make presentations for our customers. The submissions should be visually appealing, shareable, and interactive to invite feedback. You will be in a position to foster meaningful relationships, even with potential customers.

Having seen the immense benefits that smart devices offer woodworkers, let us discuss a must-have woodworking tool- Wagner Meters Wood H20. It is an app that not only captures creativity and imagination but also guarantees professional execution. The Wagner Meters Wood H20 is an app that works on both android and iPhone.

It comes with different tools and resources, such as an EMC calculator, which calculates the temperature, as well as relative humidity. The EMC is necessary, as it guides you on what level the wood in place is likely to lose moisture.


Technology has brought about immense change in almost all industries, including the woodworking industry. Having seen the benefits of new technology, and an example of a must-have woodwork application, it is time to get your workshop on the next level.

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