A dedicated messaging service for business is an essential service to operate a business. Whether you are operating a physical store or running an online company that sells your merchandise or services, a proper business phone would add credibility and accessibility to all concerns regarding your business.

Many telecommunication companies are offering business phone solutions that are capable of meeting all those for your business. However, for small businesses, they could be too much to spend and too costly to maintain. Nonetheless, a lot of business phone services are offering affordable phone solutions that should help you set up a dedicated phone line for your business.

For that, here are six of the online business phone solutions in the market today that should help set up a great telephone line for your business:


This online phone service is highly known in small and medium enterprise companies. The interface of RingCentral is totally user-friendly and should help your business through its call and text services. It can even be placed on your smartphone so you can make and receive calls using your business line virtually anywhere in the world.

Also, RingCentral’s low monthly price allows you to have ten people to access and manage your business phone line without extra technical costs.


Phone.com is a business phone service that offers all business phone essentials like a dedicated caller ID, call forwarding and routing, and conference calling. It also includes European countries in the plans, so you won’t have to pay much for international calls. Pricing starts at $12.99 monthly for pay-per-minute and $22.99 for unlimited.


Small businesses and sole ownership enterprises can benefit greatly from this Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone line. Designed especially for businesses with multiple departments, a single virtual number from Grasshopper phone solution can connect anyone to anybody in the business via call routing. They also offer Canada, UK, and US toll-free numbers that you can use for the business. Other services include call hold tunes, voicemail, and even email transcripts.


This is by far the most well-known of all the business phone solutions in the market today. While they offer all the regular business phone services, they have placed in Amazon Chime alongside their cloud business VoIP standard which makes video conferencing possible with their telephone solutions. They also have a web-based control portal for all business phone managers and allows mobile access for remote employees or teams.


While this is one of the top business phone services in the US, they are more than just a business phone. While they have all the phone services a business of any size should need, they also added powerful features like Live Chat, CRMS, and even online surveys and call analytics that should make your business stand out. Plus, its’ also the most affordable service, especially for growing businesses, as added users make your monthly plan cheaper. This is also the most recommended for online businesses as well.


While they’re not considered the best in the business phone service industry, they’re still a decent phone provider for small and medium enterprises. They offer all the regular services a business phone can have for your business and allows you to access and monitor all calls with their dedicated VoIP server. Nonetheless, they are the cheapest among premium business phone lines which makes them good for starters.

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