It can be overwhelming to know that there are so many Black friday web hosting deals out there that offer Web Hosting, especially if you want the best personal website for your growing company. Here is a list of Web Hosting Services that you should consider in expanding your business.

1.) Dedicated Web Server

The highest type of server for a company to use in expanding its footprint is a Dedicated Web Server. Yes, dedicated, meaning it is exclusive for you or your business. You can have full access to the “root”. You can control it the way that you want it to be. Usually, having a Dedicated Web Server can range from $100 and higher.

2.) Colocation Web Hosting

Think of a Colocation Web Hosting as a shared home. You are required to provide your hardware and maintain it. This type of web hosting service can be very complicated for people who do not possess the necessary knowledge of the essential technical skills.

3.) Self Service Web Hosting

Self Service Web Hosting is very self-explanatory. You do everything yourself, from the installation to set-up and maintenance. If you like doing DIYs, then this is for you. However, if you lack the necessary knowledge and skills like in Colocation Web Hosting, then you are just making things hard for yourself and wasting hard-earned money.

4.) Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is rising in fame, nowadays. Managed WordPress Hosting capitalizes on that. It integrates the business’s WordPress to and manages it. It provides security against unwanted hackers who might infiltrate your business.

5.) Virtual Private Server (VPS)

If you think that a Dedicated Server is more than what your budget can afford, then the Virtual Private Server is the best option for you. It provides the same functions; however, you utilize the same resources with other websites. The price starts from $50 and higher depending on the specs that you would avail.

6.) Cloud-Based Web Hosting

For Cloud-Based Web Hosting, the sky is the limit. The concept of this is that if there is more traffic, then they will be just adding more hardware to accommodate it. Pricing is also very fair since they charge base on what you use.

7.) Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting usually comes in a package. These packages typically include web design model, client invoice software, and technical support. This is best for business owners who have no technical knowledge of how to build and maintain a website. This can also be a business where you market these packages.

8.) Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is usually the standard choice for people because it is affordable; it is so because the cost of the hardware set up is shared by many. However, that is also its significant downside; because the device is shared, if other websites crash, your website will also do so.

The listed Web Hosting service above can be very compelling; however, you have to take into consideration what fits your needs. Start with what you can afford and your business demand as of the moment. The option to expand will always be available for you in the future.

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