If you are a true photography enthusiast, the first challenge you’ll be facing will be storing your photos. Whether you are using a DSLR, digital camera, or even your own smartphone, you will find out more that how limited your storage is for your photos. More than storing these photos, you will also face the challenge of organizing each photo. You may want to organize them according to location, people, or date.

Deciding on all these is just the beginning of the confusion. Fortunately, here are some practices among distinct photographers on how best they store and organize digital photos.

Have Three Copies of One Picture

If there is any purpose of keeping three separate copies of the same photo, it is for protection should in case an accidental deletion or drive formatting. Also, this is a good storage system so you can access this photo anywhere. The technique is to store two of these copies in a familiar location while keeping one in an off-site storage location. This could be in your office or a storage device you can carry almost everywhere. This is good storage especially if you are intending to keep the photos. Otherwise, you may want to simply use one storage for your digital photos.

Using a portable storage device

The purpose of using a storage device is both for storing and organizing photos, especially if you are a busy photographer who takes a lot of photos. The ability to store each photo in different storage permits permanent storage for each of your photos. The bigger your photo storage is, the more photos you can store.

You can have a main and backup SSD for your photos, organized into different folders within the drive and sort each of your captures to those folders. You can take this method if you are constantly traveling and you need to access these photos on any PC anywhere without the need to use the internet.

Getting a NAS Box

A Network-attached Storage (NAS) Box is a perfect storage solution for a home or photo studio. This is a great solution for file sharing without the need to subscribe to cloud storage. All it takes is to install a NAS box and connect it to your wireless network (Wi-Fi) or local network (via Ethernet). Having a NAS is good for local and remote access, especially when this box is connected to the internet. Nonetheless, a pool of photo storage folders inside the NAS will surely give everyone the chance to drop photos and add them to the collection inside the box.

Using Cloud or a Photo Organizer

This is the most common photo storage and organizer available today. Google Photos, iPhotos, and even online cloud services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or even 4Shared can be a great cloud server for all your photos. The ability to share the photos or folders to other users via an invite or link makes it more convenient to store these pictures and have them accessed and shared with the rest of the family or photo studio crew.

Whatever systems you choose in storing and organizing your photos, it is best to have them stored and organized right away. Once you want to take a look back on these photos, you will find it easy to locate them and see them at any time you wish.

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