One of the best ways to make your site known is to give researching keywords a good shot at any search engine’s results page. Online businesses use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help them attract site visits and potential clients.

The key to good SEO is to have deep keyword research. This is the process where you test the ability of your site to appear on search engines once you enter a specific keyword. For an instance, you searched for the word “phone” on Google, it will give more than a hundred results related to that keyword; the sites appearing first on the results page did a really great job on their SEO.

If you’re a newbie at managing a website and to SEO itself, here are the following tips you might want to consider in your keyword research:


Know your potential client’s intent and the intent of your site as well. Know when a potential client may need your help and how you can help them. You can visit your competitor’s site and evaluate what they have that you don’t and work on that part.


Learn strategies on how to insert important keywords that would help your site appear more frequently on search engines’ results page. You can create web contents such as blogs and articles on a regular basis so that your site will always be updated and has a more chance of frequent search engine appearance.


Have contents on your site that are under the topics directly related to your field and area of expertise. Some topics may be about educating people on your products and services, giving them a buying guide, providing them with tips and ideas and a lot more. Doing this will give you access to a wider range of population.


You may use terms or jargons specified in your field because it may help you connect with other experts and scholars that may need your services. People constantly search for knowledge and information. It’s best that you can provide them with such. Publish contents that are directly related to your field and make the people eager to know more about it.


Always have a regular SEO so you’ll know on how well you’re doing against your competitors. Always be updated on the newest news and issues that may be related to your field. If possible, be the first to provide content on fresh topics and trending ideas. You’ll know you have a good SEO if you type a keyword related on your field and your site appears in the first three results. Being on the second to the last pages of the results doesn’t mean a bad thing but being on the first will help you more.

SEO can be perceived as a form of free advertising and free help to people in need of information or services. It is a way for you to extend your intent and services to the netizens.

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