While NAS is known as a file storage system, most people tend to ask if it is possible to use it as a type of web hosting for their websites. In this article, we’ll check out their comparison on this post and if NAS can be used as web hosting. Let’s start by defining what web hosting is.

What Is Web Hosting?

First of all, let’s understand web hosting. Now, you must know that web hosting is different from host servers or web hosts. To define, web hosting is a type of service that gives a website a space on the internet to showcase its content. We can liken the web hosting to a piece of land that has a house built on it. The web hosting is the property, the website is the house, and the entire area around the property is the web. Without web hosting, there is nowhere for you to build your website.

What is NAS?

Now that we know what is web hosting and how it works, let’s talk about NAS. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and is a file storage system that can access certain data from a central storage disk. A NAS is usually found on the LAN and has its own IP address.

The beauty of NAS is that it has a very high storage capacity but doesn’t cost much. It is usually used for backing up data. It can instantly store audio, video, text, Office, and website data.

One of the most unique things about NAS is that the data inside can be shared among collaborators. So if there is more than one person who has to access the data in a storage disk, NAS allows other people to access it all at the same time.

Can NAS Be Used as Web Hosting?

By understanding the functions of both systems, we can now have an idea if NAS can be used for web hosting. Is it possible? We can definitely say that it’s possible to use NAS as web hosting. That’s because you can host files in NAS. However, you need to customize it so that it can be connected to a separate web server. You’ll still need to install that web server and manually connect the webserver to the NAS device.

Do we recommend that you do it? Probably not.

While it is possible to pull this off, it’s not very practical. For one, NAS won’t be able to perform at its optimal with the data from your website. As your website continues to get traffic, NAS will eventually give away with all the data present. Aside from that, your NAS can easily be infiltrated by hackers if they happen to find your NAS location. This can result in a huge data breach that can kill your website. Lastly, paid web hosting comes with a dashboard that makes it easy for you to manage data while NAS doesn’t come with this feature.


While NAS may be cheap and pretty efficient, we don’t think that it’s good enough to host website files. It may be used when your website doesn’t have much data and traffic yet. But if you plan to scale up, it’s still more advisable to get proper web hosting.

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