Instagram is a social platform majoring in photos. Many companies are exploiting Instagram in social marketing by posting their products. They also buy instagram account to do this on scale. Although it mostly deals with photos, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be used to pass the brand message. There are several tips you can use to enhance your social marketing on Instagram using SEO techniques.

Choose appropriate Brand Message

Instagram is a photo avenue, but few words can be incorporated. Choose a few words phrases that you will regularly use as hashtags on your posts. Having specific keywords will ensure that your message is indexed under a specific category increasing visibility.

Arrange contests and give presents to the owners

Instagram is increasingly gaining popularity in hosting contests and awarding the winners. This approach will increase your following. While arranging for these contests, you should not forget that Instagram is photo-based and thus the contest should be more of photos to entice the contestants. The contest should also have a smooth connection with the present and the products you are promoting.

Do intensive research on the best keywords and hashtags

Unlike other platforms, Google keyword planner cannot be used on Instagram. However, you can use some apps to assess what people are currently using for their hashtags and keywords. Nevertheless, the app will not organize your wording to reflect the relevance of your selection. Your content curators will be responsible for determining the appropriateness of your words to sell your brand. Hashtags will not work as a way of selling your keywords unless you have an extremely famous brand.

Using Influencers in Marketing

The use of text is in marketing is one of the most ideal routes in promoting brands. The use of influencers is also a successful way of passing your message to the target audience. Influencers are famous people in society such as celebrities, politicians, writers or any other person who commands a huge following. The person you chose should be relevant to your brand. You can request the influencer to post or share your content at a small fee or for free if they agree to promote your SEO.

Exploit Instagram Business to advertise your brand message

After selecting the key phrases and hashtags appropriate for your brand, you can advertise them on Instagram to enhance their visibility. Instagram offers an advertisement platform for members who created business Instagram accounts. While considering advertising on Instagram, it will be wise to select the best channel that will lead to the maximum visibility of your words.

Utilize data to aid in determining a strategy

Currently, there is confusion about whether social media contents are indexed by companies such as Google and Bing. Nevertheless, indexing of social media profile will certainly pick in the future and thus should be considered while planning for your SEO intended for social marketing.


Although Instagram is a photo-based social media platform, Search Engine Optimisation can be used to increase the visibility of your brand. Following the above steps will work perfectly in enhancing your business or visibility of your products on the internet.

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