According to Webology, Information Technology, popularly known as IT, and Web Development are two giants of cyberspace. Primarily, they are the drivers of modernity after the 21st century. Many have clung to technology in order to make their work or activity more efficient than ever.

Any business on this planet now has its own dedicated IT and Web Development department that oversees the connectivity of all their workers, corporates, and sites through a dedicated portal where everyone can access information. Many have set up their own online business through informative drives on cyberspace and is built on a multifaceted platform for both consumer and corporate use. Not a few have made their empire on cyberspace through IT and Web Development.

Defining IT and Web Development

Information Technology (IT) is the technology that links everyone through a multi-cornered facility, called a network, in order to make information exchange possible. This is the center of the Internet and Intranet technology. IT is responsible for overseeing the network, managing the exchange of information, providing and limiting access to certain archives, and distributing everyone to proper channels. IT is the very reason why everyone can connect without the need to move from one point to another.

Web Development, on the other hand, is literally developing the web. Activities like making websites, maintaining posts, webpage design, web programming, etc. are belonging to the web development sector of cyberspace. Web developers create web pages for internet and intranet use. In companies, they are responsible for portals, CRMs, and even consumer or front-end websites for the company. They are the developers of web sites and pages through intensive programming languages designed for the World Wide Web, including the internal or intranet web.

What are their differences?

No matter how both have worked together to make the Internet the best place in the world, they have distinct features that define each of them as a separate entity in cyberspace. Here are some of them:

IT is responsible for the network for easier communication and exchange of information. Web Development is responsible for the creation of the online portal or site where the exchange of information can be performed, or communication be engaged.

IT is solely focused on the infrastructure that allows everyone to participate in an organized flow of work through the development of hardware and software used for such purpose. Web Developers are limited to the use of the Web for external use, especially on PR paraphernalia of a company or organization.

Web Development and IT may share common knowledge of programming. However, IT has a wider library of programming languages that are responsible for hardware and software operations. Web Development is all about website – web design, PHP, SQL, etc.

Both have their bugs to fix. However, IT is more onto software glitches while web development is for website errors.


Nonetheless, both have their capacities that have helped all of us move forward to the third millennium. The participation and the partnership of both technologies help all of us become closer, more visual, and more efficient in our work and studies. The interaction of both technologies made our cyberspace more functional than ever before and it is all thanks to IT and Web Development that propels us forward into the future.

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