Ponemon Institute reported that companies lost $3.6 million on average every time a data breach occurs. In 2017, AT&T surveyed IT managers and found that the largest source of data breaches came from the mobile devices of employees.

On a positive note, there are ways for companies to minimize data breaches – one of them is Managed Google Play.

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This content marketplace allows employees to install and browse apps which are IT-approved. Managed Google Play (formerly named Google Play for Work) has more offers to IT administrators: controlling app usage, policies to block and filter malicious and time-wasting apps, security, and more.

How Does It Work

Whitelists of custom and consumer-built apps available for employees can be created by administrators using the console for Google Play or any other compatible third-party consoles.

Policies that immediately install apps that are mandatory for employees can also be created along with a blacklist for apps that shouldn’t be installed in employee phones. On behalf of the employees, purchasing apps by bulk can also be done and more. These policies are also customizable to different employee groups by using their seniority, location, job, and other factors as a basis.

Managed Google Play can be used to publish custom-made apps by IT managers to the public users of Google Play Store if the IT managers want to make these apps accessible to partners or customers, for example. These users have the option to host their custom apps on their particular servers or use the managed Google Play.

The app experience for users can also be controlled by IT with managed Google Play. For example, IT is allowed to configure the standard settings and look of their chosen apps when they are downloaded or installed by the users. The IT administrators can also customize the feel and look of their managed Google Play to incorporate other branding and their company logo.

Security and Control

IT administrators are given the option of managing their Google Play app store through their chosen third-party Enterprise Mobility Management platform. Alternatively, they can do it natively to ensure specific authority over their selected apps down to the smallest data. IT administrators have the option to insulate the data and work apps of their users from their consumer apps by using a containerization solution for added security.

For companies who are moving their employees from another platform to Android, the app has special features in Android migration, and their selected EMM platform may assist for a smoother transition. For organizations that have experienced running an enterprise app store in the past, managed Google Play has management and control features that are both useful and familiar.

Overall, managing Google Play is of great help to IT managers in achieving maximum security and management with their employees’ mobile apps. They can also further protect and elevate their store by using the containerization solution and combine it with their selected EMM platform to further reduce the possibility of expensive data breaches.

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