Technology is evolving at an amazing speed. The changes observed in the gaming industry are living proof of this assumption. The future of best new android games development looks promising with new inventions in the industry documented daily. There are several expectations of game development in the future, aided by technology.

Immersion into Virtual Reality

With recent advancement in technology, Virtual reality (VR) has gained significant incorporation in gaming. Initially, VR was meant for enhancing the quality of films. After observing the quality of the movies, innovators have harnessed the same technology to improve games.

3D technology is here to stay, and appealing games will be based on this platform. This technology has improved the quality of graphics in the games. It is common nowadays to come across games that are close to real-life scenes. One of the ways to ensure games are appealing to the user is to enhance the graphics through Virtual reality.

Cloud Gaming

The improvement of the internet holds a major area in the future of game development. The internet has already directed the future of films and music. In the modern world, cloud gaming has gained a moment and will attain full realization as internet connectivity continues to improve.

Cloud gaming will allow people to play at any location as long as they have internet connectivity in their gadgets. This will also allow people in remote places to engage in the same game without necessarily coming together physically. Players will also be able to start a game and continue playing in a different place using a different device such as a computer or tablet that is internet enabled. The internet will enable limitless downloading and installation of the games in the devices. It will also allow the players to save their games to continue later.

Portable Devices for Games

With the recent boom in the portable devices that are mostly handheld such as tablets and smartphones where you can play new Android games, attention is now likely to move towards the development of portable gaming devices.

Developers are continuously finding ways to satisfy their customers and, at the same time, make the games more accessible. One of the ways to meet these goals is through the utilization of portable devices in a similar way innovators did with the introduction of cellphones to replace landlines.

These devices are likely to compliment the current play stations that are common in the gaming industry. Currently, some developers such as Sony have developed a portable device that compliments their play station 3. The device named PS Vita allows a person to pause a game and continue playing using a different device.


Prediction on the path and impacts of technology is always predictable with deviation from the expected route. Nevertheless, the gaming industry is likely to grow to the levels of film and music industry. Immersion into Virtual Reality, cloud gaming, and portable devices for games will play an immense role in the future of game development.

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